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Automated Software Testing Training

Upcoming training dates (all training classes require a minumum of three students or they can be cancelled):
• Weekly classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm (excluding holiday weeks).  Evening classes are available upon request.

Are you interested in taking your career to the next level? Do you want to differentiate yourself from your peers? Do you want to be the next all-star? Do you want the rewards that come with all of this? This automated software testing class is ideal for software testers with a desire to take their testing to the next level using automation. Typical software testers can rapidly propel their skill sets forward and infinitely improve their productivity while constantly expanding their test coverage.

This class is also ideal for companies that wish to train their newly hired software testers. This class provides new hires with an introduction to the required skill sets as well as a structured six to eight week self paced training program. Ask us about helping with your new hire training! We offer several packages to follow-up and assist students beyond the initial class removing the burden from you. This class also provides accountability and milestones for your new hires based on our evaluation of their progress.

This training emphasizes the concepts our trainees need to be successful for many years regardless of the tools and technologies used. Second, this training provides practical exercises and examples using the most relevant technologies. All of the technical modules have take-home exercises for the trainees to hone their skills.

In addition to technology, this training is focused on creating and improving the entire trainee so they are the complete package. This training includes modules that work on the softer skills such as communications, productivity, and team work. Finally, most of our trainees work as consults in positions that require them to interview with clients to obtain billable positions. Consequently, modules on resume writing and technical interviews have been added so the trainees better understand the importance of this process and are more successful at obtaining these positions.

Below is a summary of the various topics. Note that the content of the training is continuously changing to keep up with the current technologies and trends. Each student is provided with a Linux netbook or laptop to take home and continue developing knowledge on all topics listed below. Interclypse does not provide a warranty on the netbook or laptop.

Topics Covered:
• Technical Software Configuration Management (TSCM)
• Environment Variables (Windows and Unix)
• Unix
• Success - Team and individuals taking it to the next level with differentiators
• Revision Control
• Tools of the trade (editor, IDEs, ...)
• Communications
• XML and XPath
• Mentorship
• Software Testing (Unit, Integration, System)
• Scripting (Javascript)
• Automated Testing (Selenium)
• Problem Recognition
• Continuous Integration
• Career versus job (money versus wealth)
• Resumes
• Technical Interview Guidelines

For companies using the practice exercises, it is recommended that the candidate(s) are provided a computer running Linux (preferably Red Hat or Fedora) with root access. This computer fully immerses candidates into the Linux environment. Next it is highly recommended that a new Subversion repository be setup for each candidate to experiment with using the provided exercises. This new repository can be delete upon completion of the training.

To sign up for training, please fill out the enrollment form and contact us at or 443.459.4600.