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System Engineering

INTERCLYPSE’s systems engineering practice covers the full system lifecycle moving projects from concept to planning to development to deployment to end-of-life. Our approach to systems engineering focuses on defining customer needs and documenting requirements early in the process. This, combined with our structured process management, provides the means for predictable, efficient, and successful results. Within each phase, we maintain a focus on validating each output to ensure alignment to the project's objectives. Additionally, we look for optimizations during the system engineering process in order to maximize return on investment.

Our system engineers understand deploying mission critical systems and consider the technologies, alignment with existing architectures, dynamic requirements, complex security policies, and logistical challenges along with the implementation and subsequent operational requirements.

Taking projects through the complete system lifecycle, we support Change Management, Configuration Management, Release Management, Incident Management, and Service Level Management. INTERCLYPSE provides systems engineering support to customers in the following domains:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Architectural Framework Development and Review