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Program Management

When it comes to implementing complex IT systems there are many obstacles that must be addressed: risks, schedule overruns, cost overruns, and cancelled projects. INTERCLYPSE has a comprehensive approach to project management based on the industry best practices. We can minimize your risk by leveraging domain knowledge, cross-functional skills, and our program management discipline that will maximize IT performance and ensure your projects are delivered on budget and on time.

The keys to our success is clearly defining goals and roles, accurately applying resources, and always aligning IT with the mission and existing environment. The INTERCLYPSE Program Management team utilizes best practices from industry-leading standards such as PMP, CMM/CMMI, ITIL, and ISO 9001:2008 and tools such as Microsoft Project to build actionable and measureable program plans.

This approach enables INTERCLYPSE to provide innovative solutions for programs that identify and respond to risks, achieve maximum agility and flexibility, meet program milestones on time, deliver cost savings, and provide a transparency for evaluating performance.