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March 1, 2013

Interclypse CTO Discusses Cultivation at the AFCEA CMD February Luncheon

On February 28th, Brian E. Walsh the CTO of Interclypse was the Small Business speaker for the AFCEA CMD February Luncheon held at Martin's Crosswinds, Greenbelt, Maryland. During his presentation, Brian provided an overview of Interclypse including mentioning their services, hardware and training divisions.

Additionally, Interclypse spoke about Cultivation ( a discipline for identifying and mentoring tomorrow's superstars by immersing them in a positive, collaborative, and empowering environment that encourages learning and career development. Cultivation encourages sharing of these personnel across teams where they continue to grow their career while influencing others through collaboration, mentorship and knowledge sharing.


Specifically Interclypse acknowledged two unique scenarios that Cultivation helps address.


Scenario one. Due to budget reductions at our customer, Cultivating junior candidates to fill more of the open positions provides our customer with a value added alternative.


Scenario two. A given customer likes their existing senior engineers and desires to have more of those same type of engineers. It has proven to be extremely difficult to find similar engineers for a multitude of reasons; however, Cultivating new senior engineers using the existing engineers that the customer already likes can be an excellent value added alternative that meets all of the needs of our customer.


In closing, Interclypse thanked all their current partners while acknowledging that they can not accomplish the fun and exciting things they do without the support of such great partners. Interclypse also looks forward to working with the other great companies attending the event. 

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