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At INTERCLYPSE, our employees provide the energy and skills to ensure our success. Our employees are passionate, diverse and highly qualified and bring unique perspectives, new ideas and the creativity required to meet our business challenges. Our benefit plans and support programs are designed to keep our most important assets - our employees - healthy, happy, energized and moving forward.

Our employee’s health and well-being is a top priority, which is why INTERCLYPSE offers comprehensive, competitive and industry leading health, dental, orthodontia, and vision coverage through CareFirst. Interclypse also offers a Health Savings Account funded at up to $3,000 per year. This is a fully-funded high deductible health plan.

INTERCLYSE will pay 100% of the employee, their family and or domestic partners medical insurance through CareFirst Blue Choice HMO HSA Plan (Standard Plan). This is a premium plan that uses a Health Savings Account (HSA). INTERCLYPSE will deposit up to $3000 into the health savings account, on a quarterly basis, depending on which plan you choose. Money not spent on medical expenses will roll over to the next year. Included in the medical coverage is a prescription drug plan. Interclypse offers two other CareFirst Health Plans at a low monthly cost. Ask for details.

INTERCLYPSE will pay 100% of the employee, their family, and or domestic partners insurance for CareFirst Preferred Dental with Ortho coverage.

Vision Insurance
INTERCLYPSE will pay 100% of the employee, their family, and or domestic partners insurance though for CareFirst Blue Vision Plus.

Disability and Life Insurance
In case of illness or injury, we want to ensure our employees’ salaries are protected.
INTERCLYPSE offers short-term and long-term disability insurance at no cost. In addition, INTERCLYPSE provides life insurance coverage at 1x annual salary up to $100,000. INTERCLYPSE will pay 100% of these premiums. Additional amounts are offered as an elective benefit. These programs provide financial stability and give our employees a little more piece of mind during difficult and unpredictable times.

Financial Security with 401(k)
Our 401(k) plan gives employees the opportunity to plan for long-term goals and ensure financial stability. INTERCLYPSE has a 401(k) savings plan that helps allow employees plan and save for their future financial security when they retire. Employees can contribute up to the Federal governments limit. The INTERCLYSE 401(k) plan is managed by Mass Mutual. After enrollment, as an added bonus, INTERCLYPSE will match 4% of an employee’s salary up to a maximum of $6000 per year. INTERCLYPSE’S corporate contributions are 100% vested after 4 years. Eligibility for the 401(k) plan begins on the 1st day of employment.

Paid Time-Off (PTO)
We offer up to 36 days of personal time off per year for vacation, holidays, sick days, and mental health days. Whatever you need to balance out your life! Whether you’re traveling the world or taking the time to sleep in one morning, we believe you are most motivated at work when well rested. On your 5th anniversary at INTERCLYPSE, you will earn an extra 5 days of PTO! Employees are permitted to roll over up to 240 hours of unused PTO to the next calendar year.

Years of Employment                                                                 PTO Time
0-4 years                                                                                       248 hours
5+                                                                                                  288 hours

Bereavement Leave
Losing a loved one is never easy. INTERCLYPSE offers 3 days of bereavement leave for the loss of an immediate family member to attend and help take care of proper arrangements.

Military Leave
As a military reservist, you will receive paid time-off for annual reserve training, up to 10 working days during each fiscal year. If you’re called up for a national emergency or requested for active duty, we will provide you the flexibility to serve when and where you’re needed.

Employment Referral Bonus
INTERCLYPSE recognizes that the most valuable resources for identifying qualified professionals are its existing employees. Referral bonuses of up to $15,000 for a full-time, cleared, billable position. The candidate must be on a contract and billable for 90 days before receiving this bonus.

Annual Bonus
INTERCLYPSE believes that our employees should directly share in the success of the company. For this reason, a discretionary bonus may be paid at the end of every fiscal year (December/January). The Annual bonus is dependent upon business results.

Professional Training Development Program

  • Continuous learning is not only important to employees at INTERCLYPSE, but is integral to our corporate culture. We truly believe that “You are never too old to learn something new”, which is why we commit corporate time and money to prove it.
  • Whether an employee would like to attend a career development course, professional seminar or industry conference, we offer assistance in finding the right venue as well as reimbursement.
  • INTERCLYPSE provides up to $4,000 per year for approved training courses, whether for certification training or for credit courses. An average of a “B” or higher, pass not fail, is required at completion of course along with one calendar year of employment with INTERCLYPSE.
  • In addition, we host on-site training throughout the year ensuring that INTERCLYPSE employees are always “On top of their game.”
  • INTERCLYPSE will provide up to $500 per year to purchase items to assist with the employee’s professional development. (Subscriptions, Software books, and anything that will further your education)

Certification Bonus
INTERCLYPSE believes in providing the employee with the right tools to succeed in their career. A Certification Bonus will be paid up to $2000 to employees who have successfully achieved an approved technical certification. The Certification Bonus is discretionary base on Management approval.

Product Sales/New Business Bonus
Full time employees are eligible for Product Sales commissions based on sales they bring to the company. INTERCLYPSE will also pay bonuses based on an employee’s participation in acquiring new business for the company.

Interclypse eStore
Each calendar year, INTERCLYPSE employees will receive a credit of $200 to spend in the INTERCLYPSE eStore (powered by Lands’ End). Employees may order anything from polo shirts to parkas to hats - every item has the INTERCLYPSE logo on it’s just another way to let everyone know that you work for you work for a great company.