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Our Core Values

Interclypse was founded on the belief that our values define our company; they describe who we are, how we conduct our business, and the way we interact with our stakeholders. While our corporate goals and strategies will most likely continue to evolve to meet changing circumstances, our core values will remain firm, as the fundamental basis of the company.

Interclypse places a premium value on:

CUSTOMERS – we hire only those employees who strive to create an extraordinary customer experience

MISSION – we aim to deliver quality products and services that make a difference PEOPLE – we develop relationships with a passion to reward our people

EXCELLENCE – we are committed to excellence where each of us can excel INNOVATION – we encourage innovation in the development and deployment of technology solutions

RESPECT – we require ourselves and our people to go the extra mile to help others INTEGRITY – we insist on “straight talk”; open and honest communication with our teams and our partners

RESPONSIBILITY – We are a socially and ethically responsible corporation VALUE – we practice speed with purpose; acting with high passion and energy, with an attitude of “do it right the first time”